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Supplier of Aggregate and Concrete Products in the Southeastern Area

At Byrne Sand & Gravel you'll find a wide and diverse range of value-added products and services into the construction market from primary, secondary and recycled aggregates, ready-mixed concrete and contracting services.

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The use of decorative aggregates is becoming increasingly popular. For the most part these products are inexpensive and provide excellent ground cover with beautiful results. Other uses for aggregate materials are driveways, drainage, landscaping, french drains, sub-basing, and much more. Visit our Aggregates page to see how we can help you with all your construction needs.

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About 75% of all the cement produced is used to make ready-mix concrete, which is used to make buildings, bridges, sidewalks, walls, and all sorts of structures. The rest is used to make building materials such as concrete blocks, pipes, and pre-cast slabs, in road building and repairs, and other assorted uses.

Concrete is a favored material of many talented architects and engineers who value its versatility, its strength, and its almost unlimited potential as a medium for imaginative forms and surfaces. Without concrete, some of the world's most beautiful and innovative works of contemporary architecture would be inconceivable. Visit our Concrete Products page to see how we can help you with all your construction needs.

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